Saturday, September 1, 2007

9/1/07 Leaving Orange County

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday were hottest days of year. (Remember how hot it was for the Villa Park move? How do I manage to pack during heat waves?) Today, Saturday morning is noticeably cooler.

Remember how I told people we were leaving between 10:30-11:30? What optimism! Dawn arrived on a partially packed RV. 65% of the outside was finished – 10% of the inside. However, the work in the not-quite-dark driveway the night before paid off. I was able to fly through the remaining boxes. Dedicating a compartment in the RV to sports equipment was genius!

It was wonderful to see Nancy. What a trooper, she’s as tired as I am – plus she brought coffees!

Laundry at the Laundromat – everything worked perfectly except Dave’s understanding of dryers. I picked him and the laundry up, went up the hill to find bags full of wet clothes. We went back and luckily found plenty of empty dryers. Then Sharman and Susan showed up help us speed fold everything. Susan gave me a human zapper as a going away present with a funny card.

Thank God for Mel offering to drive to Lompoc. To get out of Orange, I finished packing the outside and stacked the boxes in the bedroom. We drove away around 2:00 pm finding mostly light traffic for a holiday weekend. There was a space for us at the Elks and Kathleen, Don and Karen were waiting dinner and champagne for us!

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