Sunday, September 23, 2007

9/23/07 Mel Arrives!

Left on Sunday 9/23 to met up with Mel in Tualatin near Portland. The kids were their usual fantastic selves about getting the RV ready to go. Sarah started cleaning getting ready for Mel’s visit and she inspired us all. The drive was uneventful; it was a straight five hours up the 5 freeway. We had lunch at a Thai restaurant halfway.

It was great to see Mel! The kids were very glad to see him, especially Dave. Mayim almost melted into a puddle of happiness at getting to see her private masseuse who knows all the perfect places to rub and scratch her. I was as happy as all three of them!

Sarah and I snuck out in the Maxx while Mel and Dave set up the RV and got giant diet cokes and ice creams from MacDonald’s. When we got back, Mel and Dave had made several attempts to get the RV parked in a position to get Direct TV. (Dave couldn’t wait to share “Mythbusters” with Mel. He’d saved a show where Jamie and Adam tested the myth about a small airplane that got cut up by a propeller.) To get the dome clear of the trees, they’d moved the RV to be parked face in and face out – however, they had to drive through the park to resituate.

Apparently, Mel “cut some corners” with the RV back end driving over some grass edges aggravating the park manager. The manager came over and met up with Naomi. She took him on and then he came to give the RV driver (Mel) a hard time… only, when he poked his head in the RV he saw me sitting in the driver’s seat. I’ve never seen anyone back peddle so quickly – after all if a woman was driving – what could you expect! He quickly added that if I needed help parking the RV I could ask for help at the office. After he left, our family laughed and laughed.

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