Sunday, September 2, 2007

9/2/07 Lompoc at my Sister's -- Goodby to Mel

Bittersweet – taking Mel to the new train stop in Lompoc overlooking the coastal views of VAFB from my childhood. Train was on time – I held it together till Mel got on the train. Seeing his face crunch up into tears is a memory I’ll always have. I lost it walking to the car. I saw Lompoc murals that I’d never seen before – but through tears.

Couldn’t go back to sleep; worked to find the “lost” keys. Ironically, no keys had been lost, they had all been put away and were in their correct locations. Even Mel’s keys had been found in his travel kit. I must have been operating on unpacking overload in my exhaustion yesterday.

Went to Kathleen’s. Tim took two days off from the “crush” and Don and Karen were still there. Sorted and labeled my jewelry – a project long overdue. The parents will take it back to Mel for the safe deposit box.

Learned how to play dominos with “trains.” Great fun! Learned about the wine making process from Tim and his strategy for the “Trivia” class that he leads in Santa Barbara – I agree with Kathleen, he should be on a game show – he knows the most amazing stuff!

Sarah and Sienna had a great day. Sarah felt so comfortable that she stayed overnight.

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