Monday, September 17, 2007

9/17/07 Phoenix/Medford, Oregon

Moving from Trinidad to Medford/Phoenix was one of our easiest transfers. Sarah continues to be the star of getting the RV ready to go! Dave has taken on all the heavy dirty work. It’s becoming easier.

Direct TV joke: Our pull through site has one little tree – of course, it stopped us from getting coverage. The next day we repositioned ourselves in the space and everything worked perfectly. This campground “Holiday RV” has everything – laundry, free WIFI, Direct TV access, easy shopping, meals to walk to for Dave, etc.

The first night we went for Mexican food. We’re not sure if it was that good of a meal because we were so wowed by the two baskets of chips. (Maybe my two margaritas helped.) This was to be “our getting things managed” time.

We did 10 loads of laundry! We were down to our last of everything. Dave was our willing laundry sitter over two days. Sarah folded towers of laundry.

Dave and I dropped off the two bikes and had them tuned up. He surprised me with his strength and ability to fit the bikes in the Maxx.

Sarah's hair cutting skills keep getting better. Dave was willing to let her cut his hair with her new scissors from Audrey. She did a fantastic job. Dave was very pleased. Sarah is thinking that when she comes back she might go to Beauty College so that she can work doing hair as a part-time job to put herself through college.

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