Tuesday, September 4, 2007

9/4/07 Morgan Hill (near Salinas and Gilroy)

Travel Day: I never sleep well the night before, but because I’d done so much middle-of-the night planning, I felt peaceful.

Took package for Mel to Fed Ex – he forgot his razor. Drove by 301 N. 6th for old times sake; later took the kids back to see my old Lompoc home with Dad and Scott.

Stopped after a few hours in Atascadero and had a giant lunch at Appleby’s. Dave’s lunch was comp’ed because there was a potato stem in his mashed potatoes. It was nice of the manager especially considering he ate every bite of the steak meal. Dessert was a Triple Chocolate Meltdown which Dave and Sarah finished in 14 seconds.

Got safely to Morgan Hill area, but overshot the road to the Thousand Trails. Argh! Drove into a winery, couldn’t find a pull through, so had to disconnect the Maxx and flip around.

Morgan Hill Thousand Trails is nice. We found an easy site and got set up. Sarah set the table using branches as a centerpiece and Dave made hamburgers. Sarah started coming down with Mel’s cold. I felt sorry for her since I’ve had it for two days. Let’s hope Dave doesn’t get it.

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