Monday, September 3, 2007

9/3/07 Lompoc

Woke up early and worked more on unpacking. Later in the day came back to RV and finished everything but the clothes.

Went with Kat, Tim & Sienna to Cajun Kitchen for breakfast. We all scarfed down our great meals. Dave walked home to Kat’s – he’s been walking all over Lompoc and exploring, but no Sushi places have been open…

Kat and I taught Sarah blackjack table etiquette and played for quarters. Then we played more dominos with trains.

Sarah and Sienna played peek-a-boo and other games for hours. Sarah would have attacked and destroyed Sienna’s annoying talking Elmo chair, but she showed great self control. Kit found a friend and lap with Dave.

Kathleen made the best tuna casserole ever. Then we watched a very funny movie called “Office Spaces.” Mayim and Sienna had fun playing feed-the-doggie-grapes and playing with Mayim’s blanket.

It was the perfect visit and a good way for me to catch my breath after the exhausting effort involved with closing down the house and getting on the road.

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