Saturday, September 15, 2007

9/14/07 Lindi Caywood's in Eureka

After the 2nd day of Rosh Hashana services, we went off to get Subway sandwiches to take to Lindi Caywood’s house who now lives in the house where my mother and her husband George Caywood lived before they died. I made many visits to their home in Eureka and lived there for a month when Sarah was 6 months old when my mother lapsed into a coma and George was hospitalized with a staff infection.

It was comforting to see that George's sister Lindi hadn’t changed the blue paint outside, nor the blue carpet and decorating inside. She even kept many of the books and videos just like George had left the. Lindi redid the kitchen with to blue corian countertops which looked lovely.

We had a pleasant visit. Not much is going smoothly for Lindi these days – her father is in a nursing home after a stroke and an old injury to her thumbs has stopped her from doing many of the things she loves like pottery, knitting, spinning, etc. Lately she has been learning about making jam from the blackberries and raspberries from her yard. She let us pick colanders full of both types of berries. It was good to see her again. We left to head home to let Mayim out sooner than we would have liked.

I dropped the kids back at the campout and came back to let Mayim out and get our dinner plates. The teens requested “anything chocolate,” so I went to the general store to get s’more fixings with Hershey bars.

Our new RV neighbors with a Fleetwood Discovery were very friendly. They offered a tour of their RV. Wow – what a lot of great storage tips! She made most of them with foam core and a glue gun. I can’t wait for Sarah to see her work. It will inspire us on our cleaning and organizing extravaganza planned for Ashland.

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