Wednesday, September 19, 2007

9/19/07 Harry and David's

While running errands, I passed “Harry and David National Headquarters.” My brain began to explode with possibilities. What if there was a tour? …a company store? There was! I signed us up!!! We met at the company store and went in tour buses to the facility. Our tour guide Kay was wonderful. On our bus was a 90 yo man who had picked pears for H&D in the 1930’s. In his honor Kay gave us a double dose of cookies and chocolate.

We watched them pop special popcorn for their “moose crunch.” They made candy, Yule logs and decorated raspberry cheesecakes. (Sarah doubted she’d be employed for long as a pear sorter – she’d wrap all the pears in the special gold foil instead of one per box.) It was fun catching the eye of a worker and having them wave. We were in awe of the forklift drivers zooming around.

Watching the line workers pack the Towers and the gift baskets make us look forward to our December’s haul of gifts from H&D. We wondered how we would get “our share” of the pears and treats while we are in the RV.

At the end, we shopped at the H&D store buying flavored teas (pear, apple cider and strawberry), a new wheat grass plant, beautiful fruit and special soup mixes. Sarah made a delicious corn and potato chowder.

It was a terrific tour and a magical day.

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