Sunday, September 9, 2007

9/9/07 Trinidad

The ride from Russian River to Trinidad went smoothly. While I was at the grocery store, the kids closed up the RV – doing an excellent job. I was weary from the severe cold – I’d completely lost my voice the day before and worried about driving while coughing.

We stopped for fuel after a few hours. At the gas pump I met a tall, beautiful woman who shared her dream of having an RV like ours and living on-the-road. She was the perfect tonic for my cold and her enthusiasm for life OTR with her “sweety” gave me the energy to keep driving.

I found out that the speed markers “windy road ahead,” “35,” “45,” mean to go two miles below the posted marker. The RV handles fine a little faster, but then we experienced the cupboards popping open and things sliding around making for a very exciting drive.

When we got to “Redwood Trails” in Trinidad, I was relieved. Just like the picture on the website, the school house was easy to spot from the road. Imagine our surprise to have the compound filled with majestic elk! They were everywhere, all around the RV, while we were setting up. Their male leader had eight points on each side. He was quite bossy moving his 40+ females from pasture to pasture. It was great fun to watch him “convince” the stragglers to follow his lead.

I found a giant banana slug to startle Sarah with. Instead it was love at first sight.

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