Thursday, September 6, 2007

9/6/07 John Steinbeck Museum and San Juan Bautista Mission

The last few days have been a blur. I’ve got the worst cold ever, I’m finally starting to feel better and I’ve lost my voice.

While we were still at Morgan Hill we finished going through all the clothes. We’ve got a locker for cold weather and one for extras. The clothes fit nicely in the closet and drawers. We have an assortment of clothes for Mel and will keep the dirty clothes in a basket in the shower.

We went to the John Steinbeck museum in Salinas. Wow! It was organized by the different books. It was so fun to see “The Red Pony” and film clips; “Grapes of Wrath;” “Cannery Row” complete with pictures of the real “Doc” and the pipe with the curtains. The most special exhibit was seeing John Steinbeck’s camper and pictures of Charley, the dog he travelled with US with. Sarah and I had great fun doing the light up crossword puzzle. She was really a sport considering how sick she was with her runny nose.

The next day we drug our sick selves to San Juan Bautista Mission. (Dave has stayed healthy. Luckily, Kathleen game him a new video game for his play station, “Final Fantasy,” so he’s been outside away from our germs and Kleenex.) The mission itself is still a practicing Catholic church complete with holy water, icons and rosary beeds. We also enjoyed the antique hotel – in the ladies’ parlor they were set up to play … dominos!

We ate at a fun restaurant outside on the patio. It was a limited menu with rolls and a jam bar on top of an antique grand piano – we bought some of the spice apple jelly to bring home.

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