Sunday, October 21, 2007

10/20/07 International Selkirk Loop

We decided to make a day's outing leaving the Creston Valley, known for it's grain fields and fruit orchards, and heading north along Highway 3A following the Kootenay River up to Kootenay Lake, then on to Nelson and then back again in a loop to our RV park. The scenery was beautiful and the fall colors were fantastic.

There is a ferry that crosses the lake every few hours. Of course, we paid no attention to the ferry schedule when we started out, but we were surprised when we pulled up to see the ferry pulling away from the dock! No matter, it gave us time to wander around, let Mayim get out her zoomies and stop at the local coffee shop to drink Mochas and read the Guinness Book of World Records.

From the ferry we headed south to Nelson and stopped for an early dinner at the historic Hume Hotel, founded in 1898. While we waited for our meal, we played hang man and drank special jasmine tea.

On the drive home we saw five mountain goats and SNOW on the mountain pass! It was -2 Celsius. (We were able to have the dash in the Maxx convert to kilometers and Celsius so we could be authentically Canadian for our drive!)

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Mel said...

Ah yes, a little touring OOT and ABOOT, eh!