Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10/15/07 Creston, British Columbia -- Loonies & Toonies

Creston, British Columbia is beautiful. The fall colors are spectacular and everyone has been so very nice to us.

We are staying at "Pair A Dice RV Park," the perfect full service campsite with speedy WIFI, Direct TV for Dave’s Mythbusters show, a laundry facility, plenty of places to walk to for lunch, and a quaint town with lovely bakeries and coffee shops. The town is filled with adorable houses that have trees with vivid fall foliage.

The kids are excited about the Canadian money with it’s beautiful silver foil and the $1 and $2 coins called Loonies and Toonies.

Dave has a part-time job raking leaves for the RV park, Sarah is catching up with her friends and I’m using the high speed WIFI to get caught up with emails and to develop my blog.

We’ve taped some classic movies and last night enjoyed “Field of Dreams” and tonight we’ll watch “The Barefoot Contessa.”

Our only disappointment has been that we had planned to go to an OctoberFest party, complete with a German Band and Polka dancing, but can’t because the kids aren’t drinking age.

Our last night we had a campfire in the community area. We thought it would be easy to light a fire using some of Dave's raked leaves. Apparently, it is a skill. Our new friend Lloyd taught us how to "blow just right" on the embers Sarah created to get the fire going and picked out the perfect wood for the fire pit. Of course we roasted marshmellows -- why else would we sit out in 40 degree weather?


Catherine said...

While you were taping all those classic movies, you should have taped a few shows from the Survivorman series. I swear, Les can start a fire with two raindrops!!


Tony said...

I visited Creston several times in the 1980s and have fond recollections of the town. It's one of the easternmost places in B.C. where some trees of limited hardiness in Canada (flowering dogwood, sweetgum, tuliptree and several magnolia species) are grown. Your pictures are great!