Monday, October 1, 2007

9/28 - 10/1/07 Pendleton, Oregon and Goodbyes

At Pendleton we stayed at an RV park co-located with an Indian Casino. The difference in landscape was stunning. The trees and mountain passes changed into a treeless plain surrounded by low mountains all covered with brown grass. The sky seemed enormous – the view went on forever.

We all went over to the casino for a seafood buffet. Dave was thrilled. The food was underwhelming, but then Saran and I aren’t much for buffets.

It was nice to sleep under the giant skies and gentle rain without train whistles.

The next day we went to the Pendleton wool factory and took their tour. It was very interesting; unfortunately none of us brought our cameras which was too bad because the wool colors were spectacular. They made the yarn there and wove their signature blankets.

We went to Radio Shack to buy the necessary TV/Audio cables for Mel’s rewiring project and then to the grocery store.

The next day while Mel worked on rewiring, Sarah and I went to the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute. This museum was spectacular! No expense was spared to tell the Indian’s story. We spent several hours there and only a call from Mel and Dave made us leave to start off to Meridian/Boise. Dave had been to the museum the previous day and enjoyed it too.

Mel’s last day with us in Meridian was spent on the audio rewiring project. At the end he was victorious. Unfortunately, the new external Direct TV dish hadn’t arrived as scheduled so he was able to make everything work but that. He was training us how to use it within minutes of having to go to the airport in Boise.

Separations continue to feel devastating. The emotion is overwhelming. The feeling of loss made both of us miserable. We talked by phone during his layover at San Francisco and again after he arrived to Al’s house at Villa Park.

Our time together “adventuring” is so special -- but the separating is awful.

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