Wednesday, August 6, 2008

California -- Here We Come!

Dear friends and family,

I haven't been blogging lately... We have been living each day fully -- balancing the adventure and responsibilities; stopping to smell the flowers and see the stars while we keep to a schedule; and falling into bed at night, reviewing the special things that happened that day, looking forward to tomorrow and sleeping peacefully.

But I have been taking tons of pictures that I'd like to share with you... Be sure to take a look at the pictures with us and our frogs at the Mark Twain Festival Frog Jumping Contest in Hannibal,Missouri or the video of carving the Crazy Horse Memorial near Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota or cherry picking and the fish boil in Door County, Wisconsin.

We're leaving Minnesota on Monday to come back to California for the Home School Conference in Sacramento, CA next week and then to Orange County till 9/24. Email me at or call me on my cell phone (714) 328-8541 -- it would be great fun to get together!

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