Friday, August 3, 2007

8/03/07 Russian River & Hot Air Balloon Ride

Arriving at the Thousand Trails in Cloverdale was quite a homecoming. The RV had broken down in the Salinas area and was towed to Oakland to fix its problematic electrical problem. Weeks later we finally got it back, we were overjoyed to be back on our trip again.

The day after we got there, the mountains across the freeway went up in flames. It was something watching the fireman fight the fire with their air support.

Mel came up to join us with his new camera. We did a fantastic road trip. On one of the mountain roads leading to the coast, we found a blackberry patch by the side of the road with the world's most perfect berries. We all picked till we filled up our large drink cups, but Dave's cup must have had a hole in it. He was picking berries, but his cup never got filled. Oddly enough, he had very purple lips... Hmmm...

We had a gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride for four. What a fantastic day!

We also enjoyed the local wineries -- including one that Sarah insisted we vist called "Harvest Moon." Sarah made friends with the winery dog named Charlotte.

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